Recommended Reads

The List is pretty long, and growing by leaps and bounds. But how do you wade through it all and find the best of the best?

Well, the best is subjective, but here’s the list of Recommended Reads that the Rock of Pages team and friends have put together.

Louise Bacio — The Big One
DJ Butler — Hellhound On My Trail
Cecil Castellucci — Beige
Rachel Cohn — Pop Princess
Rachel Cohn and David Levithan — Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Olivia Cunning — Sinners on Tour: Backstage Passes
Olivia Cunning — One Starry Night
Jaine Diamond — Dirty Like Me
Nia Farrell — Something Different
Bill Flanagan — A&R
Joseph Garraty — Voice
KL Going — Fat Kid Rules the World
David Hiltbrand — Deader than Disco
JA Huss — Rock
Lorelei James — Hillbilly Rockstar
Wynonna Judd — Restless Heart
Erika Kelly — You Really Got Me
Erika Kelly — Take Me Home Tonight
Christopher Krovatin — Heavy Metal and You
Sarra Manning — Guitar Girl
Erin McCarthy — Dream Maker
RJ McDonnell — Rock and Roll Homicide
RJ McDonnell — Rock and Roll Rip-off
Tyler McMahon — How the Mistakes Were Made
Alyssa Palombo — The Violinist of Venice
Rob Reid — Year Zero
Dan Schell — The Road to Fluffer
Michael Shilling — Rock Bottom
Michael Neil Smith — The Drummer
Cecilia Tan — Taking the Lead
Cecilia Tan — Wild Licks
Jessica Topper — Louder than Love
Jessica Topper — Dictatorship of the Dress
Jeremy Wagner — The Armageddon Chord
Leslie Wells — Come Dancing
Kim Wright — Last Ride to Graceland

  1. aerobabe619 says:

    I have to start digging in and read these wonderful recommendations.I’m a rock girl through and through,if i wrote about my adventures,following bands,meeting band members etc,my girls would fall over.But reading stories with my favorite music ,is a fantasy come true.Rock,writing and fun.

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