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Unfortunately, the listing at GoodReads doesn’t have a separate link on the series name so I can’t easily check to see if this is part of the same series I’d blogged about a couple months ago.

Ha. I went digging, and it is. So let’s see what this one’s about.

A rock band. A reality show. A recipe for disaster.

Falling in love with your best friend is one thing. Falling in love with a rock star is entirely another. Put those two things together, add in airing your new relationship on reality TV, and you’ve got one volatile mix just waiting to explode.

Lily Montgomery’s life has veered in a direction she never expected. She’s struggling to find her balance after her romance with rock star Dane Archer propelled her into the latest headlines. Her dreams of a successful writing career are fading in the bright lights of unwanted fame. She needs to figure out how to help Dane and his band achieve their goals without losing sight of her own.

Easier said than done…

As The Void’s tour continues, Lily faces family drama, relationship trials, dangerously dedicated fans, and zealous paparazzi. Between that and figuring out how to spin the tabloid-worthy relationship developing between the band’s brooding bassist, Keith Connors, and her conservative roommate, Sydney Ward, Lily has more weight on her shoulders than she ever imagined.

But her choice has been made. For the sake of love and her own reputation, she will have to find her rhythm and rise to each challenge. If she doesn’t, she’ll lose everything…and the whole world will be watching.

Lots going on here! Is this an extension of the first book? Sounds like it might be, but I’m not up for going digging AGAIN on the same series. (Really. Authors, make it easy. Tell your publishers to make it easy. That separate link for a series? Priceless! Make use of it!)

So if it’s a continuation of the first, then that means you gotta read the first before this one will make any sense. And I still need to do that, of course. So many Rock Fiction novels…


Susan sent this on to me with her notes about the first entry in the Jukebox Heroes series, The Hand of Fate. I just looked over the site, and I guess she never wrote the review, but her notes said it was cute and had potential but wasn’t a favorite.

She sent over all the books at once and I guess I should have looked them up because what I thought was the next book, which is actually the first because that first one Susan read was actually a prequel or something… Confused yet? I am.

Always put your series number in the book title, if not on the cover, okay? Avoid this confusion.

So I picked up Everything You Are and started reading.

People, this isn’t a standalone. It’s about some whiny girl who’s in a bad relationship with a rock star and she knows she ought to cut him loose, but it’s like she’s more caught up in the fact of who he is than being treated right.

So she finds a group in a nearby bar who accept her, but she’s too caught up in her own drama to pay much attention to them.

And then there’s mention of some paranormal or extra special stuff. I think we’re supposed to know what’s going on because it’s never fully explained, or why the rock star boyfriend has to go on this hunt for someone who doesn’t seem to want to be found by him.

You know where this one is heading: DNF. Not enough backstory, and a heroine I couldn’t care less about. And that rocker? He’s self-absorbed in ways that were new to me, but I sure didn’t like him, either.