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I hate it when I get excited about a book based on its description and I don’t get a copy to read and then… the next one hits my radar! And it sounds just as much crazy fun as the first!

What do you get when you cross a smoking-hot rock star with a sexy lion shifter, then throw in a heaping dose of gothic fairytale enchantment? Gigi Loveland is about to find out!

Disapproving family members, an exclusive invitation-only ball, and a godmother wielding magic spells isn’t enough to keep Gigi from pursuing her mission of getting close to her favorite shifter rock band. She’ll do almost anything to accomplish her task. But in a world where interspecies relations are often as problematic as the human-shifter conflict, Gigi doesn’t know what hit her when her delicate gazelle senses tell her she’s falling for the band’s fierce, tortured, and intimidating bassist, Dash Lyons. Predators and prey don’t usually make the best love matches, and the closer she and Dash get, the more Gigi wonders if she really has what it takes to tame the beast.

Really. Rock Fiction is almost perfect for shifter stories; I don’t know why there aren’t more of them. If you know of them, bring them because this could be my new catnip! I want to know how this comes together and how they work it out. Or if poor Gigi gets eaten by her rocker… or if she’s the one doing the predatory thing!

BRING THIS. I need it!

(Unfortunately, it looks like there’s only two in this series and this poor book only has ten reviews. Ten? That’s it? If you’re one of those ten, drop Susan a note. She’d be glad to repost it here. And yes, she loves it when I make work for her!)


Holy cow, this one is a winner just on creativity alone. I don’t think there’s a single thing I can say about it except it’s the first in a series, the second is out, and holy cow, this needs to live up to its potential or I’m going to be one cranky Rock Fiction lover. Ready?

What do you get when you cross a smoking-hot rock star with a sexy wolf shifter, then throw in a heaping dose of gothic fairytale enchantment? Aleigha Daniels is about to find out!

In a world where human-shifter relations are often volatile and riddled with unfair presumptions on both sides, Aleigha finds it difficult to trust. Fairytales are for little girls because in real life, men cheat. Something Aleigha knows all too well. There are no enchanted castles and no Prince Charmings who will sweep you off your feet. So when she’s forced into interviewing the sexy, enigmatic, and eccentric shifter rock star, Morpheus Wolfe, at his creepy mansion out in the middle of nowhere, all Aleigha can see is the fear inside her own heart. And when circumstances trap her there, Aleigha begins a journey she never expected to take. What she doesn’t know is that Morpheus has an agenda, and sometimes fairytales do come true.

So WHICH fairy tale is it? Beauty and the Beast? Dracula? Something else?

Oh, holy cow, I so totally gotta read this one, I can hardly stand it. Bring it and bring it nnnoooooooowwwww!