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This review was first posted at West of Mars. It’s being reposted here, at its new permanent home.



Michael Kayser sent Susan a copy of Fast Cars and Rock and Roll, and she’s been super busy, so it came to me. Finally, something good!

In short, it’s the story of a dude who’s legally renamed himself Deacon Jones. Deke’s got a thing for cars and a thing for guitars—in that order, which sucks for us music lovers. Getting ready for some huge car race that’ll take over a week to finish up means spending a week visiting the towns the race’ll be held in, playing in a band to warm up the crowd.

Guy in a band. Rock Fiction, right?

Not so fast there, cowboy. Yeah, Deke’s always talking music and plays guitar and all that, but really, this is Car Fiction. Is that even a real thing? It is now. This book spends so much time talking cars and assuming we all know as much as he does… I was lost half the time and, frankly, bored the other half. Too much tech talk.

And then there’s the girls. Deke’s got two: a slutty bad girl and a prudish good girl. Nothing in the middle? Why not? Me and my friends all fall smack in the middle. Deke needs us, not those two. I hated them both, and so did Deke, by the way he talked about them and treated them.

So yeah, there’s music and it’s a good read if you can get past the cars. And the cars. And the cars. Did I mention the cars? Everything else is secondary to the cars. This is a modern-day (even though it’s pretty dated to the 1980s; I didn’t get all the references) story of a love affair with cars, like back in the day, when cars were all the girl a guy needed.

Maybe next time, the cars will come second and the music first. I’d read that in a heartbeat. Just lose some of the nicknames but let the underdog keep his day in the sun, let the bad guys get theirs, and maybe include some better girls. I’d read that faster than Deke at his fastest.

Oh, and keep the bugs. Gross, sick, fascinating, that scene had enough eeew factor to make up for those chicks.