Review Policy

Around here, we review ROCK FICTION. Not sure what that is?

As of May 2017, we’re currently not accepting books for review.

We accept books from any publisher (but keep in mind that Susan is an editor and if your book wasn’t professionally edited — or was edited by someone calling themselves an editor who clearly has no skill at the craft — she’ll call you on it, or make Jett do it.).

We accept e-books and print (.epub and .pdf only); print tends to get read faster. Please don’t give us the “But you can download the Kindle app!” line. YOU chose to make your book exclusive to one device.

Susan has an account at NetGalley, so it’s okay to authorize your publicist to let SusanWestofMars read your book.

Reviews will be honest, even when it hurts. Remember: a one-star review gets read and considered more often than a five-star review, which are often viewed as being either from friends/family who are biased or else paid for.

We don’t post at Amazon, but on your request will post at GoodReads or any other book retailer or social site you’d like, if we have accounts there.

We are slow. We know that and we admit it. We hate it, too, but there’s only so much we can cram into our days.

We don’t host giveaways unless you’d like to administer them. But if you’d like, we’d be glad to host you for an interview or a guest blog post. It’s all about the rock and roll around here, so take advantage!

And, of course, there’s Rocktober, the celebration of what happens when music and books collide. Plan on joining us every year and see what fun we cook up.

Drop us an e-mail.

  1. Jennifer says:

    Do you have an idea when you will be accepting requests again? I have written a powerful, emotional book about a man who was saved from suicide by a mysterious figure who may very well be the late David Bowie. It is difficult to find a genre where it fits for reviewers, but think yours is perfect. Thanks!

    • Hi, Jennifer.

      Unfortunately, no, I don’t know when we’ll reopen for requests — although you’re the second person this week to want our expertise! Maybe there is more of a need for our labor of love than we’d realized…

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