What is Rock Fiction?

It’s not an unusual question: Just what is rock fiction? Is it books about … well, rocks?

Believe it or not, but Susan is often asked that question. However, it’s not a genre name she chose. She first saw the term in a Kirkus Review of Sylvie Simmons’ seminal Too Weird for Ziggy.

While the name rock fiction as applied to Simmons’ anthology referred only to works featuring famous rock stars, it has expanded into a catch-all for any book about music, the people who make it, and sometimes, the people who listen to it. The easiest way to describe it is if a book, in an expert’s opinion, throbs with music, be that music classical, country, or hard-core rock and roll.

Look over the list, and especially the Recommended Reads and the books that are Worth a Read. These books are Rock Fiction. Note that these books aren’t about characters who make music, but it’s a sidenote to the primary story and their primary character. These books don’t feature people who listen to the radio. These books include more than lyrics from popular songs or lyrics the author wrote.

As with any category in which the rules are being constantly defined and detailed, Rock Fiction is an evolving experience. We may be a couple of women, but we’ve spent a lot of time studying the category and learned its trends and tropes, its successes and failures.

Come along and explore it with us.

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