Contributor Bio: Susan Helene Gottfried

Once headed for a career in the music industry, Susan walked away from her dream record label gig in order to write books. The problem with the music business, though, is that it gets under your skin and in your blood, and it’s not so easy to let go.

So Susan began writing about the music business, which eventually led to the Trevolution series: two novels and four short story anthologies featuring Bad Boy Bass Player Trevor Effing Wolff.

And she began reading Rock Fiction—and learning about the genre. Like the fact that the big publishers shy away from it because of a history of poor sales. The new world of self-publishing has proven a veritable playground for authors of Rock Fiction, and before launching the editing branch of West of Mars, Susan was determined to read them all.

Fate has a funny way of making a person see reason, though, and so Susan brought Jett in to help with the load. Never fear: Susan’s still reading. Just a lot slower than she used to.


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