Rock Fiction Coveting: Crash and Burn by Amanda Adams

Posted: May 30, 2017 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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First in a series alert!

This is actually a new edition that was previously published. I don’t know if it was revised since the old publisher gave up the rights (and we won’t lay bets about why. Let’s just be glad the author got her rights back and was able to put her book back out into the world), but I’d hope it was.

As an aside, you guys know if you contact Susan when you get a book’s rights back, she’ll cut you a break on the price, right? Or if you’ve got an old book that needs a quick copy edit?

Anyway, here’s what Crash and Burn, the first in the Walker Brothers series, is about:

Some love songs are just waiting to be written.

The guitar in his grip revives a childhood promise, but he needs sexy Erin Michaelson as his music teacher. When he sees her on stage using another name — and seducing an entire audience — she brings more back to life than just his music.

A single, sizzling backstage kiss will change both of their lives forever. Chance soon realizes that Erin is not just an itch, she’s an obsession he refuses to live without.

So we don’t know much about this, and it took me a few reads to figure out that Chance is the hero’s name, that the author wasn’t using some wide-sweeping language. But we don’t know what he does, why he put the guitar away, and why he needs this woman so bad. Or even what she thinks of it all.

I’m intrigued. You? Send me your reviews and I’ll see that Susan gets ’em up.


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