Rock Fiction Coveting: The Runaway Train series by Katie Ashley

Posted: December 16, 2016 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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The Runaway Train series is one of those series that lets most of the books feature a different set of characters — in this case, the dudes from the band Runaway Train. Pretty simple stuff, really. And the one book that repeats characters is a 1/2 book — you know, one of those short things that lets the world have more favorite characters but without putting ALL the focus on them and messing up the rhythm of the series.

Heh. Rhythm of the Rock Fiction series.

But this is why Rock Fiction is the perfect thing. Fiction’s got rhythms, just like music. It’s just not verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-chorus-chorus. Which is a good thing. That’d be eight books in each series, but five would be repetitive, and who wants that?

This series looks pretty cool, although we’ve got some familiar tropes (Book #3, Strings of the Heart, is built on the “I’ve always loved my brother’s best friend, but he thinks of me as a sister” story). And man, do the guys in this band have a lot of sisters! Maybe a couple too many… what’re the chances that life really is that sorta-incestuous?

Still, this is a series that looks like all the books came out in 2013-2014, so it’s over and done, which means you who like to read a series only when it’s complete so you’re not waiting for the next will be in love. And those of us who came onto it late can be happy, too, because hey, it’s all right there and easy to get our hands on and do a weekend-long power read. I’m all for that. Once I’m caught up on the rest of what’s here, waiting for me.

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