Rock Fiction Coveting: Miles of Pleasure by Stephanie Nicole

Posted: October 25, 2016 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Uh-oh. It’s a works for the band book. My least favorite plot!

Kaylee Miles works as an assistant to her brother’s band, Miles of Pleasure. Ashton, the hard living lead singer, is intrigued by her, but they don’t get along. This situation changes when he must come to Kaylee’s rescue and prove his bravery. As Kaylee joins the band on the road, she is forced to make some life-changing decisions. Could one of them involve Ashton?

Ashton (and that makes me think of Kutcher, and I don’t know why. What’s he done lately?) has to prove his bravery? And come to Kaylee’s rescue? But… he’s a hard-living lead singer. That’s got nothing to do with rescuing your bandmate’s little sister and being brave. So color me curious now how all this fits together.

Oh, and apparently, buyer beware because this book was published under a different title, and under a different nom de plume. So you have one person passing off two books as originals.

That doesn’t give me warm fuzzies, along with the other issues I’ve got.


Anyone got feedback on this one?


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