Rock Fiction Coveting: The Thoughtless Series, by SC Stephens

Posted: October 11, 2016 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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I noticed that we had part of this series on The List page already, but only books two and three. We had to fix that; can’t be too out of date. So I had Susan update it and while I was getting her the information she needed, I took a look around.

Seems that this series first focuses on one couple and in the fifth book, Untamed, focuses on another. I think they’re in the same band, but I’m doing this at work and gotta sneak and you know how that is. I can’t squee like a fangirl when I see the first four books (counting the installment numbered one-and-a-half) are all about the evolution of this couple’s relationship.

Doesn’t mean there aren’t problems that the author might fall into. We’ve seen series like this that wind up throwing the kitchen sink into the plot, and then things aren’t believable and it actually kinda hurts to read it.

But… there’s only one way to find out, and if this is a series you’ve been into and have written reviews for, drop us a line! We’d be glad to repost them (and Susan likes to give links to contributors. HINT). Or if you have a lead on them and want to review them, Susan’s glad to post whatever you’ve got. Well, within reason. She says no nudies of Hetfield; they’d make her blush.


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