So here’s one that looks like it’s the Rock Fiction entry into the series. Anyone know anything about this series:

This last year of Joss Richards’ life has changed for the better—or so she thinks. A new band, a new city, a new life, and, now, a shot at a contract with the hottest rock label around, ICE Records. If she and her bandmates can impress the label, her life will be set. Too bad her best friend thinks something is missing. When Joss receives details of the 1Night Stand date set up for her, she bolts—straight into the arms of a sexy stranger.

When August Bragg glimpses a red-haired goddess in the hotel lobby, he can’t get out of his thoughts—or his fantasies. Unable to resist her lure, he indulges in a steamy encounter. Then learns her name, and he realizes his fantasies have left his heart in an ethical dilemma.

Will they give everything up for their careers, or can the man who holds Joss’ future in his hands also convince her to give him her heart?

Okay, so maybe it’s a stretch calling this a “works for the band” trope. Maybe. But the dude IS the head of the record company and I know it can be confusing sometimes to figure out who works for who between the band and the label. Both would tell the other works for them. (Are egos involved? Ya think?)

I guess my biggest question right off the bat is that if everything is going so well for Joss, why is she willing to go on this date? And what sort of friend makes her think that life isn’t great until she’s got a man by her side (in her bed, between her legs, whatever)?

  1. lexcade says:

    Hello! This is actually my book! It’s part of the 1 Night Stand line by Decadent Publishing and is a sequel to Complete Me, which is part of the same line. If you have questions or anything, I’m willing to answer. You can email me at [email protected] 🙂

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