Rock Fiction Coveting: Riff by Skye Turner

Posted: July 26, 2016 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Rafe Rider is the lead singer of Destiny Fades to Blue, the “it boys” of rock. He is living the dream… traveling the country with his band, sharing his bed with the occasional groupie, and just living large… while their singles climb the charts.

Daisy Anderson is the lead singer of Sweet Southern Sass, the sweethearts and most famous female group of the last decade in country. Their sold out tour has ended and they are enjoying the down time while they prepare their next hit album.

Signed under the same label, a cross-over tour between the sweethearts of country and the bad boys of rock is just the thing to gather fans from both genres.
As the tour rolls out and the bands are thrust together… passion and tempers ignite as the “good” girl and the “bad” boy realize they aren’t quite as different as they imagined.

Can two people from different worlds find love on the road with the person they least expect? When the sweethearts of country meet the bad boys of rock… more than the charts heat up.

So much good stuff here… two singers. Whew, what will happen when THOSE egos collide? Oh, that’ll be fun to watch.

Yeah, okay, we’ve got some cliches. The easy time getting singles up the charts. The idea of a rock/country crossover tour. (do those really happen? I can’t think of any, but if you can, share what you know in the comments.) And, of course, the easy characterization: good girl, bad boy.

Still. Bring this ON.

Note from Susan: Is that REALLY a Donny and Marie reference in the series title? “A Lil Bit Country & A Lil Bit Rock & Roll”? REALLY?)

  1. […] Last summer, I was on about the first in this series, Riff. And now I’m back to drool over the second in the series. It’s called Harmony. So we’ve had Riff and Harmony. […]

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