Rock Fiction Coveting: The Backup by Erica Kudisch

Posted: July 1, 2016 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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This one’s got a different twist to it. Check it:

I’m supposed to be better than this. I’m supposed to have a tenure-track job teaching music history to undergrads, writing papers about Bach, and proving to kids like me that you can work your way out of Harlem. I’m not supposed to be following a rock star around the country, fetching his mail, making sure his groupies are of age.

I’m definitely not supposed to be sleeping with said rock star, who claims to be the Greek God Dionysus. At first I thought it was a load of crap. Nik’s fans might think his music captures their hearts—and souls—but I knew better. Until one of Nik’s orgiastic concerts gets out of hand and I don’t know which is worse: that he might be a god after all, or that he has a body count.

Nik doesn’t care what I want or what I should be. He wants to tear down the world I’ve built, warping all I am, until his music is all that’s left of me. I can’t let him do that. I shouldn’t believe in him. I’ve seen what happens to the people who believe in him.

But I can’t get his song out of my head.

So first off, we have a music dude who’s a scholar. Who doesn’t have a lot of interest in the rock and roll world that usually fills The Rock of Pages.

But then this creepy Nik dude shows up and there’s definitely horror and probably abuse and all sorts of dark stuff going on. It’s like taking Jeremy Wagner’s The Armageddon Chord one step further into a darker setting.

I’m dying to see what’s going on here, but we’ll have to be careful with any review copies. This one’s got potential to send Susan into some PTSD issues. Anyone brave enough to try it?

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