So…. while Susan was out healing from her eye injury… well, hell. It’s an EYE she hurt, right? She said she was back at work and probably was, and probably was kicking ass like usual (Hey, Rock Fiction authors? Here’s an editor for you! Tell your friends!), but she said that she wanted to save her screen time for when she was working.

I feel kinda guilty ’cause her income’s gone down the toilet with the injury. I told her not to blog about it, but did she listen?

Well, I can’t brag and feel too superior.

Susan got e-mail from author Crystal Firsdon. Seems a certain someone wrote up a Coveting post and was all full of herself because the Big Boss wasn’t watching over her shoulder and …

Maybe Susan’s right to keep looking over my shoulder.

The book I talked about here? ALMOST WRECKED. That’s the title. ALMOST WRECKED.

(Note from Susan, who’s looking over Jett’s shoulder again: I changed the title in the post.)

Now, Crystal’s a class act, so we’ll keep her here at The Rock of Pages and not exile her to some desert island with an accordion player who only knows one polka. Not only did she nicely point out my mistake. Not only did she tell us that the second book in the series, ALMOST ORDINARY, is out. Not only did she consider writing a guest blog post for us here on these pages (saving you from reading yet more of my mistakes), she sent review copies.

Crystal, you are my new hero. If I promise to never screw up again, can we be besties?

Pick up a copy of ALMOST WRECKED. And then send us your reviews. And then get ALMOST ORDINARY and do it again.

Support the class acts.

Oh, and Crystal? Sorry about that… but not really. Because, you know, you and Susan got to meet. And review copies. And maybe guest blogging. And more exposure for you.

Not that this is going to be my new schtick. Can I blame it on being freaked out by the pictures of Susan’s eye that she kept sending me?


  1. I’m not sorry about the wrong title either. I mean, how else would I get to read these words in writing: “Crystal’s a class act.”?? Made. My. Day. Plus I discovered a new kick-a$$ blog! Win-win.
    Oh, and Jett… there are more review copies to send 🙂

    Got my guest blog ready to go! Now I can get back to writing. Or mindlessly surfing the internet. Probably I should go grocery shopping. Reading (and a nap, maybe) it is.

  2. I like how you spend your days, woman!

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