Rock Fiction Coveting: Talos Claims His Virgin by Michelle Smart

Posted: April 15, 2016 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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If you go by the title alone, this one sounds like those really bad romances people make fun of. Nothing like what I actually read and usually like. But then take a look at the description:

Talos Kalliakis, the youngest Prince of Agon, has found the perfect gift for King Astraeus’s jubilee gala—the talents of exquisite violinist Amalie Cartwright. The warrior prince crossed Europe to find his perfect candidate, and he won’t take no for an answer!

But rumor has it that Amalie won’t perform, and now Talos has her hidden away in his villa, where sources suggest he’s claimed the most private of performances. With tensions running high, surely it can’t be long before they start changing their tune…to the royal wedding march!

So music plays a huge part in this book! (although if you look at the cover… ugh.)

But … Talos goes and finds this woman to be given as a gift. And that’s just kinda noxious. And while music is what brings them together, does it really play a role at all? Because, let’s face it: the most private of performances probably doesn’t mean she gets up on stage with her fiddle and an audience of one. Nope. Not in this one.

I’m curious. Anyone know anything?

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