Rock Fiction Coveting: The Vegas Aces by K Webster

Posted: April 12, 2016 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Better than a series! It’s the series in one volume!

Rock Country (book 1)
Time nor distance can keep Bobby and June’s love apart.

Rock Heart (book 2)
Together Chaz and Ryan’s love can move mountains.

Rock Bottom (book 3)
Love is found for Donnie and Nora even after hitting rock bottom.

Follow Bobby, Chaz, Donnie and the gang from The Vegas Aces as they all search for their happily ever afters! This is the complete three book series.

Unfortunately, other than the titles of all three books, this doesn’t tell me enough. Those one-liners are vague, vague, vague. And I didn’t look real hard, but it wasn’t easy to find each book by itself, either.

Pity. I’m curious to at least hear who these people are, what their story is, what they bring to each other…

Anyone got any info on this one? Susan’s always glad to repost a review that’s run elsewhere. (or a new one, she says. Bring it!)

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