Rock Fiction Coveting: Almost WRECKED by Crystal Firsdon

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Bodyguard trope!

1 creep. 2 bodyguards. 3 men who change Molly’s life forever.

Guitar player Molly Davis is taunted with disturbing gifts by some creep she hopes like heck is a harmless, misguided fan. The owner of the bar where her band plays isn’t taking any chances, however, and hires Gabe Cooper and Caleb “Ram” Ramsey to stand guard over Molly and the rest of the band.

Cooper is all business and doesn’t mess with Molly’s emotions. She can handle that. Ram is a different story. He’s gorgeous, has a good heart, and is sometimes infuriating. He doesn’t take Molly’s crap, giving him the potential to be the first man to shove his way through her stubbornness and into her life.

But a violent attack proves the creep isn’t going away. And that almost wrecks everything.

Now, around here, the gold standard of the bodyguard story is Lorelei James’ Hillbilly Rockstar, so this book’s got some work to do, right off the bat.

Some things that give me a warm feeling about it:
* starting the description off with mention of a creep. Who talks about creeps anymore? Bring me the creep!

* This is set in a bar, not in the high-powered world of corporate rock. Who does that? Crystal Firsdon, that’s who. Bring me to the bar!

But I do wonder if this is going to wind up being a threesome story? And what the creep’s issue is, and oh, do I hope it’s so much more than the usual thin excuses. If you’re going to feature a creep this much in the description, I want a really good stalker-loser! Round that man out.

Yeah, a lot of potential here. Can it live up to the gold standard? Maybe not. But maybe it can, and I really hope so.



Note from Susan: Jett originally had the title of this wrong. I’ve gone and fixed it. Thanks to Crystal for being so gracious and even funny about the mix-up.

  1. I’d be happy to supply you with a PDF review copy! Also, just a note… The title is Almost Wrecked that Almost Wanted.

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