Rock Fiction Coveting: Playing for Keeps by Deborah Fletcher Mello

Posted: February 23, 2016 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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I think it was last month that I wrote up the first in Deborah Fletcher Mello’s Sultry Southern Nights series, Playing with Fire. I’m not sure why I didn’t write this one up at the same time, but here it is now, so let’s be happy together.

As an accomplished architect, single dad of teenage twin girls, and co-owner of The Playground, Raleigh’s hottest jazz and blues club, it’s an understatement to say Malcolm Cobb has his hands full. Add to that an ex-wife who knows how to bring the drama, it’s no surprise he has little time or inclination for a personal life. But when he spots stunning, voluptuous Cilla Jameson, he’s suddenly considering rearranging his schedule and setting aside his concerns. . .

Independent and successful, Cilla would love to be in love. But when it comes to men, she has a lengthy list of requirements. And “no children” is at the top. Yet she can’t help being intrigued by Malcolm. He’s handsome, fascinating, respectful–and up for a challenge. But is Cilla? After all, the man has baggage–and it is fully packed. Can she handle the ex who’s determined to keep him single? Or the twins who are not quite the angels Malcolm thinks? She’ll have to decide, if she wants to play for keeps. . .

So what’s tying the first two books together here is The Playground, Raleigh’s hottest jazz and blues club. Both heroes are the owners. I’m not sure what this means for future books in the series, but hey, if the books revolve around The Playground, who’s going to care? Especially if they are good.

I’m not sure there’s anything new here in the story as it’s described, but it still sounds like fun. And that’s it: it sounds like FUN. It’s the voice of the description, I guess. Or maybe it’s my mood. I don’t know, and when it comes to books that could be a fun read, I’m there. I guess the biggest question of all is that despite being set in a jazz club, is this really Rock Fiction?

I want to find out.

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