Rock Fiction Coveting; Rock Star Stepbrother by Sasha Marcos

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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This one has real potential to make a girl feel slimy. It’s all in how it’s handled.

He makes her heart sing, but he’s completely off limits…
Cynthia has a passion for photography and a brand new art degree… but not many job prospects. Her stepbrother, Dean, is a sexy as hell musician in need of a photographer. It’s almost like fate has shoved them together to help fulfill each other’s needs.

There’s just one problem. Their needs go far beyond a few photographs.

Growing up together has made their relationship complicated, and their deep desires completely forbidden. Can they work together without giving in to temptation? Or have years of hidden feelings and a weekend alone finally brought them to a point of no return?

This taboo erotic romance contains adult themes and forbidden relationships. Adults only, please.

They grew up together… that’s a line I don’t really want to cross. Or maybe I just don’t want to. There are attractive people all over the place. Sounds to me like Cynthia needs to leave home and meet some people and go to a few bars and meet more people and have adventures and keep meeting people.

Yeah, I know… sex and drugs and rock and roll, and the idea of a step-brother or step-sister is about as taboo as it gets. On that hand, I oughta be all over this. It’s the ultimate rock star thing to do! What’s my problem?

Maybe I’m looking at my own stepbrother over there and thinking, “Eew.” I mean, the guy’s thirty and he still picks his nose and eats it. Doesn’t care who sees him do it, either. I keep telling myself at least he’s got an office job and isn’t in food services.

If you’re brave enough for this one, Susan and I will post the review. Hat’s off to you for being braver than I am.

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