Rock Fiction Coveting: Sing to Me by Jeffrey Rivera

Posted: December 4, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Well, right off the bat, this one’s different. See how?

It’s written by a man. Why is it that men don’t write romance more? They have no issues writing romantic songs.

So here’s what we’re drooling over today:

True love never ends … or does it?

Finally, Cody has a shot at superstardom.

But for this aspiring rock star, going for his dream means leaving Emma, the love of his life behind forever.

Will true love be enough to sustain them?


He’s a broke aspiring rock star scarred by his past.

She’s a feisty rich girl hiding a secret.

Opposites in every way.

But true love has a way of finding you.

A way of healing the broken hearted.

A way of giving hope to those who’ve given up on love.

So… what is it with vague back cover copy? Am I reading this right that it’s a triangle of sorts? He’s got to choose between his girls?

Works for me.

Bring it.


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