Rock Fiction Coveting: Rocked by Bella Wild and Bella Love-Wins

Posted: October 25, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about this one that makes me think I need a bottle of crazysauce with it. Or maybe I just need the wings and this book’s bringing the crazysauce. Take a look:

Rock star billionaire Johnny Q Venom would rather be writing songs and performing for small audiences than flying across the globe for concerts and celebrity appearances. The man knows exactly what he wants…to possess Amanda Baker completely. For over three years, Johnny has followed Amanda’s rise and fall as female wrestler Roxy Punisher. And now that the time is right, he will pull out all the stops to finally have her. Can he break down Amanda’s emotional defenses and win her over?

Forced to retire from her passion of female MMA wrestling in her early twenties, full-time security guard Amanda Baker gets the opportunity of a lifetime — to be the personal bodyguard of multi-platinum rockstar Johnny Q Venom. And for more money that she has ever seen. What Amanda doesn’t know is her new employer has secretly been her biggest fan for years. Will the handsome billionaire be her model boss, or will their sizzling attraction to each other cause her more problems than it’s worth?

I think it’s the whole billionaire part that tips this from being a couple different familiar plots and shoves it into crazy. Or maybe it’s that this is supposed to be New Adult. Bands aren’t paid 25c for anything anymore — and not because they’re getting more than that. So for Johnny Q Venom to be a billionaire means he’s either Ozzy’s age or else he comes from money. Given his privileged attitude here, he could be born into money. That would sure explain why he thinks so much of himself that he longs to play for small audiences.

Dude, do you know what that would cost?

Given the recent history of authors getting mad when someone dares to criticize the plot of their books, I’m gonna shut up now. You all know Susan thinks Lorelei James wrote the best bodyguard story since the movie, so right there, this book’s going to have to live up to that. And it’s spread over four volumes. I don’t know why. Kinda strange, I think, but what do I know?

And before these authors get all pissed off even more, let me be the one to invite ’em down this time. Johnny Q Venom?

Bella and Bella, please stop in and write us a post about how you came up with THAT name. And in the book, do we find out his real one?

Yes, I’d read this. Because maybe it sounds like something it’s not, and most likely, if I don’t read it, I may miss out on something great. I don’t like missing out.

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