Jett’s Review: This Roll in my Soul by Tommie Vaughn

Posted: October 17, 2015 in Reviews
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Susan had liked Tommie Vaughn’s This Rock in my Heart, and she passed it on to me. I didn’t like it the way she did, and I hate to say that I liked This Roll in My Soul even less.

I’m not the uptight editor Susan is, but even these typos and the writing got me down. Everything is perfect, beautiful, amazing, incredible. Band names are still spelled wrong, and how the hell can anyone actually get the title of Bon Jovi’s classic “Wanted Dead or Alive” wrong? All I had to do was Google the wrong title Vaughn used and the band name and I got pages of the right song title.

Come ON. Just as we reviewers have to respect the authors, the authors need to respect the readers. That means making sure these simple things are done right.

So what’s the book about? To be honest, I’m not totally certain. It doesn’t seem to be about anything, really. It’s more like a diary, where things happen and there’s not really anything that ever goes wrong—the guy who winds up in rehab embraces it and all’s good; Frankie’s sorta love interest from the last book has a magical weekend with her and leaves it to the grapevine to dump her, but she’s okay with that. She’s professing love and wanting a future one second and being at peace the next. Even when Frankie’s friend Eva calls her, stoned and high and probably drunk and definitely ripe to be murdered by some psycho who’s spotted the world’s easiest mark, but hey, the girls have a heart-to-heart and Eva goes back to her hotel room and it’s all good!

This is real life. It’s not all good. Life is ugly and messy and people wear the wrong things and mistakes with their makeup don’t make them look beautiful and the sex isn’t always good and people don’t always pull back from doing the nasty just in the nick of time.

But that’s what Vaughn gives us. And it gets boring ’cause we don’t really care enough to keep reading. There’s nothing that’s important, nothing that keeps us up late turning the pages even though it’s two in the morning and we’ve got to get to work by nine.

I did a quick search to see if Vaughn has put anything else out—I’ve been sitting on this book long enough that something should be—but while I’ve seen mention of this being a three-book story (yes, taking three volumes to tell one plot), the third book doesn’t seem to have been released yet.

I hope that before she hits publish, the author will drop Susan an e-mail and have her edit it. I get what Susan liked. I don’t agree, but I get it. And that means I hope the author will raise her game and bring us a better story while still keeping Frankie optimistic and sunny. You can be both even in the face of big, ugly, scary problems. You really can be.


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