Rock Fiction Coveting: The Bare Necessities by John David Harding

Posted: October 11, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Fiery, young naturist, Paige, wins a karaoke contest on holiday, and together with her new singing partner they enlist the help of upper-class Jack to form a group and record their first album. However, Paige’s insistence that the Bare Necessities remain true to her naturist ideals causes friction with her band mates, their venues, their struggling agent, a Christian pressure group, a failed newspaper editor, the Police and eventually their families until Jack has choose between his old life and Paige.

As much about naturism as it is about romance, will Paige manage to convince the least-suited person to her to break free from his parents, and can society cope with the most outrageous band since the Sex Pistols?

Join the determined Paige on the vocals, the calm and voluptuous Claire on the guitar and the relaxed Jack on the keyboard, as the three teenagers upset the media and take the music industry by storm, with a little help from failing agent Andre and Jack’s wild Aunt Lucinda.

The book is around 100 scenes aggregated into chapters to make it easy to pick up and put down, or when the reader is likely to be interrupted (e.g. public transport)

Okay, so right off, we’ve got the wrong commas. The ones that set Susan’s teeth on edge — and believe me, I heard about it.

And beyond that… this is either going to be a hot mess or amazingly brilliant in its uniqueness. I’m not sure which. But man, do I want to find out.

And what’s a naturist?


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