Rock Fiction Coveting: Nudie Blues: Let the Music Turn You On! by MG Nash

Posted: October 9, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Now, if this book doesn’t scream DIFFERENT from the title alone, I may be Corey Taylor. And I’m not Corey Taylor and I’ll save the Corey Taylor sex jokes for another blog. [Susan thanks Jett.]


So here’s our book description:

After Arista’s perfect world turns upside down, it takes all her moxey to begin
again. Can she keep her band, Nudie Blues, busy enough to survive?
She never expected a biker with six-pack abs to be her inspiration, but
sometimes life throws you a hardball!

Jared, who looks like a Magic Mike dancer, turns out to be a cowboy ready
for a serious relationship. Is he too good to be true – or running from a past?
The duo dances around their chemistry while plotting to keep their favorite
nudist resort from switching to a lifestyle swingers’ club. When saving their
nudist values get tough, the music always brings them back to each other.

That’s a lot going on in one book! A struggling band, a nudist club that may or may not have this major swing in philosophy, activities, and membership, and a romance.

Can MG Nash pull it off? Inquiring minds.

Oh, and I like the setting, and am curious to know how the whole nudist colony/swinger’s club is handled. I know a lot of nudists who get really angry at the suggestion they are really only there for the sex. And I mean ANGRY.


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