Rock Fiction Coveting: Dream Me Off My Feet by Stevie Kisner

Posted: October 8, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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First in a series! And it’s the only book published so far, so who knows what the series will be like (Inquiring minds, man! The waiting is going to kill me. Until I get distracted by other Rock Fiction.)

Dreams aren’t real.


What if the person in your dreams is a real someone you are meant to meet when your life is unraveling faster than a buzzing guitar string? And what if your salvation comes packaged as a rock ‘n roll legend?

On stage, JT Blackwood, singer for the iconic band Slanker Knox, is all rock star dazzle and testosterone. But offstage… he’s had his fill of greedy girlfriends who want the star and not the man. Meaningless sex with nameless groupies has lost its luster. He knows that, someday, the spotlight will go dark and doesn’t want to find himself with only memories for company.

Part-time photographer Kori Connor is full-time frustrated that her life isn’t what she ordered. She doesn’t need another relationship. But now she’s juggling two ~ a real one, and the one that has her vacationing in some strange man’s head in her dreams.

When Kori agrees to pinch-hit for JT’s usual photographer, he doesn’t realize that her sight reaches further than just through the lens of her camera. When he learns her secret, can this rock star dream her off her feet?

So… rocker who’s reforming his man-slut ways. That’s a bonus. This guy’s immediately self-aware.

And we can ignore the fact he’s about to take up with an employee of a sort — it’s a temp, so all bets are off when it comes to professionalism, right? Hmm. I’m trying to think about what would happen if one of my musicians got it on with a temp. I think that so long as the temp didn’t come back and there was no sex while we were paying temp, people would look the other way. And I know: this is rock and roll. It’s supposed to be filled with sex.

Except how do we know that these photographers only do rock? If the “usual photographer” is of Ross Halfin quality, the band works around his schedule. The man’s a legend, and for good reason. He wouldn’t send a fill-in.

Anyway, the point I distracted myself from is that it’s one thing for the rocker to shag everyone who comes his way — even if, in this case, he’s leaving that lifestyle behind. We’re talking generalities people, not this story. And in general, it’s another thing entirely for the photographer to wind up with a reputation for putting the camera down with the same speed she drops her pants. That’s a super career killer.

And I have no idea what to make of these two relationships she’s got when the story opens. How does the rocker fit in? Is he a third? Does she dump the first two?

I was married once. We were young and stupid, but I think it still gives me firsthand knowledge that relationships are hard work. How the hell is she going to manage THREE at once? And do her job? AND be a pro about it?

Inquiring minds, people. This moral dilemma alone could carry the book. It doesn’t need to be a romance. Just the story of Kori trying to figure it all out.


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