Welcome to #Rocktober!

Posted: October 1, 2015 in Note to Readers, Rocktober
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avatar S RED

It’s October 1. You know what that means… it’s Rocktober! Every day this month, we’ve got some Rock Fiction goodies to bring to you all — but remember, at The Rock of Pages, every day is Rocktober. This is just the month when we crank it up to 12.

You’ll find guest blog posts, a couple of reviews, some book features, and way too many Rock Fiction Coveting posts. Know what my dream is? To have an entire month of Guest Blog posts and book features. So spread the word.

It’s not to late to join in, either! Got a review you want to reblog? Something about Rock Fiction you want to give voice to? How much you love the category, why reading about rock stars and the people who orbit them is your method of survival in a shifting world? Go for it. We’ve got room; those Rock Fiction Coveting posts of Jett’s can wait to piss an author off another day.

So sit back and have some fun. Find a new book or author (or 31) to read. Bring your friends over. Tell your enemies, too, because it’s been my experience that enemies usually have more common ground than they realize.

This month’s all about the Rock Fiction. Celebrate it with us.


  1. Rocktober is the best month – my favorite time of the year – cooler weather, spooky tv/movies, lots of music, and now more music fiction than ever on the agenda!

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