Rock Fiction Coveting: The True Series by Liora Blake

Posted: August 4, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Susan first introduced us to Liora Blake’s True Series when she posted about the first one, True North, being on sale.

The second book, True Devotion, is on sale now and the advance reviews are flooding in. Of course, I’m not reading them until after I’ve read the book itself, but seeing all those stars sure makes a girl want to read …

It looks like this series is a “one for each band member” series, although it’s hard to tell if the two guys who feature in the first two books are in the same band or not. Maybe the author’s writing about guys in different bands and the whole true concept that names the series is about … I don’t know. Being truthful? Real? I’d sure like to know what this whole True thing is about.

Heck, I’d like to know what it’s all about. Which is kinda par for the course around here, isn’t it? I’ve got to figure out a way to read faster…

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