Jett’s Review: Snake Handling Man by DJ Butler

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Reviews
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Susan loved DJ Butler’s Hellhound on my Trail. Just loved it. She sent me a copy of it along with her copy of the next two in the series, Snake Handling Man and Crow Jane.

I loved Hellhound, too. Couldn’t say anything her review didn’t, though.

So I got excited to read Snake as I try to catch up on our backlog.

My first question is this: Where’s the rock and roll? Snake’s all about the band as they battle, for the length of the novella, one giant enemy. That’s it. That’s the whole plot.

It was a little… long of tooth. Pardon the pun when we’re talking about snakes who have fangs and all, but… yeah. It just kinda went on and on and there wasn’t nearly enough rock and way too much battling. And I’m not like Susan. I don’t hate this trend where all the latest movies are one long car chase. I don’t even agree with her that the movies are all one long car chase.

So… let’s see what Crow Jane’s all about. Hopefully we’ll get that band back on stage and the music’s important again ’cause Butler’s concept is pretty darn cool and I want to see the original scenario of this band of misfits who use music to save the world come be important to the next book. Or books. There’s seven of them now.

Susan and DJ are friends… wonder if he’d send the others in the series if I start loving them? One review copy to go… hope you redeem yourself, buddy…

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