Jett’s Review: Gary Benchley, Rock Star by Paul Ford

Posted: May 9, 2015 in Reviews
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So I said to Susan, “I hated this. I gave up on, like, page eight.”

And she said, “Give me a break. Try again.”

This time, I got maybe halfway through before I’d had enough. Gary Benchley is one whiny boy. He’s not anyone I want to spend time with, so … too bad, boss. I don’t like spending time with him. Fingernails on a chalkboard.

Now, this book is compared all the time to Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity. So, since I’ve never read that, it was off to the library with me.

And… from the first page, I could tell High Fidelity was a better book. Rob’s more pleasant to spend time with, but in the end, he’s no one I want to be around for 300 and more pages. I got to page 205, in case you’re keeping track. But the guy’s a loser. He’s in his thirties, he’s whiny, he’s not successful at what he does and worst of all, he doesn’t seem to care.

So where’s the Rock Fiction? Who cares? In High Fidelity, Rob works in a record store and he and his little loser buddies put everything in the context of music. In Gary Benchley, Gary wants to be in a band. Whee. It’s hard to care about the rock when the people are so gross and pathetic.

Yeah, skip both these. Unless you like whiny men, and then you’re golden.

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