Rock Fiction Coveting: Born to be Wild by Lynne Connolly

Posted: May 5, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Susan’s known Lynne Connolly’s name for awhile now. She reviews somewhere online, and Susan reads those reviews.

I wish I had time to read other reviews, but I’m still behind on reviews I owe Susan and yeah, I got into a bit of trouble in the library again. I did it in the name of a review, though, one Susan had asked me for, so it’s … not as bad as usual.

So. This book. Born to be Wild — Steppenwolf, baby!

Maybe. Here’s what it’s about.

For six years Riku has wanted only one woman. Every person he has had on tour with the Murder City Ravens has been unable to compare to the electric lovemaking he had with Cyn. They had everything together, love, passion, fire, sex—until the day she left him and everything between them behind. Riku wants answers as to why she left, but he wants her more.

Cyn abandoned her future as an opera singer—and her relationship with Riku—when she dropped out of the Institute. A day hasn’t gone by that she doesn’t crave Riku’s body against hers. Now he’s back in her life, if only for a few weeks, and she plans to make the most of the time they have. Dressing rooms, the manager’s office, no location is off limits for their whirlwind romance. Cyn knows she can’t keep him, but that doesn’t stop her from falling for him, mind, body and soul, all over again.

WHY do women do this? WHY do we give up our dreams for a man? Do we really think we’ll be happy? For real?

Anyway, this is the sixth book in the Nightstar series that Connolly’s written, and judging by the paltry numbers of reviews on GoodReads (I didn’t read any! I swear!), this series is flying under the radar. That means I gotta find out why. And probably start at the beginning, too. That would be good.

Anyone know anything about these books? Anyone?

Add ’em to my list. And hopefully, my local library’s got copies so next time I go in and start causing trouble for myself, it’s so I can give Susan something better than what she asked for.

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