Rock Fiction Coveting: Mistress of Melody by Anthea Lawson

Posted: May 1, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Feels like every time I turn around, I’m posting about another Anthea Lawson book. Man, I wish Susan would get books out this fast!

This is the second in the Music of the Heart series. I totally dig this concept because it’s set in the Regency period, or whatever it is. (Ask Susan. It’s old. The women wore gorgeous dresses and weren’t allowed to do much except socialize. Not a bad life, really. I think.) I like that it shows that Rock Fiction isn’t something reserved for the era of Rock and Roll, but that music’s been touching people and bringing them together for a long time.

And the music is the stuff I deal with for my day job, so I’m always glad to see people get exposed to the great classics and symphonic music.

Here’s what it’s about:

She is filled with wild passion… Jessamyn Lovell, the “Gypsy Violinist,” is the newest musical sensation among the ton, but she and her sister are caught in the grip of an unscrupulous uncle, who uses her performances as a cover for his crimes.

He has scoured the recklessness from his soul… The Earl of Silverton, Morgan Trevethwick, has spent ten years restoring his family’s reputation in the wake of scandal—and it has made him a tightly controlled and unyielding man.

Together, they will be one another’s ruin… When danger looms, Jessa risks everything to seek Morgan’s help. He cannot refuse a woman in distress, though she threatens to overturn the future he has worked so hard to secure. Even worse, she relights a fire in his heart—one he had thought extinguished forever.

I hope there’s a lot of music in this one, anyway. That whole idea of getting more people to come discover the beauty of their local symphony…

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