So why am I starting with the second in a series? Good question and there’s no answer other than because it’s the book I came across first. Except… when I went back into the archives here (wow. We’ve been around long enough to have archives!), I’d already raved about the first book in the series, Three Nights with a Rock Star.

Kinda cool to keep raving about a series. Usually, it’s one and done for me.

Here’s the description.

Half-Life bassist Krist Mellas is caught in a PR nightmare after his dirty sex video blew up online. His agent has the solution: a fake engagement with sultry pop princess Madeline Fox. Krist can’t think of anything worse than a charade with the bubblegum bombshell…except losing the band.

Madeline knows better than anyone what it means to live a lie in the spotlight. She’s determined to help Krist without ever letting him find out what it costs her—or about her girlhood crush on him. But after a smoking hot back alley encounter with him leaves her breathless, she can’t deny she wants the snarling bad-boy rocker.

In a world of glitter and diamonds where the kisses are fake but the climaxes are real, their facades start to crack. And the publicity storm may shatter them both.

I get stuck right on that first concept. A rock star and a home sex video. Hello, Tommy Lee. Hello, Fred Durst. Hello, Kid Rock. Hello, Vince Neil.

Hey, those Motleys sure like their cameras.

Even Gene Simmons made a tape, purely for the promotional lift it gave him. Because since when does Gene do anything that’s not purely for the promotional lift?

You see the point. Especially in the current world, it’s domestic violence and rape that are the image destroyers (hello Ray Rice and yes, even Big Ben. Know how many people think Ben’s marriage was only to improve his image? The joke around town, I’ve heard, was that she was marrying him so she’d get to keep the house in a couple of years.). Not sex, and not sex from a guy whose career description is sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

If you get past that, the idea of the two radio stations, pop and rock, coming together in a relationship is what’s intriguing here. I don’t know if any of that’s going to come into play ’cause the set-up here is the old secret crush on the rock star. If it doesn’t, it’s sure opportunity wasted.

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