Rock Fiction Coveting: Rafe and Ryder by Amy Davies

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Here’s the first in a series called The Phoenix Boys. The boys seem to be a set of triplets, and I’m curious about that whole vibe.

Lucy Cooper has known The Phoenix family all her life. But one particular Phoenix has always caught her eye, Rafe Phoenix. Rafe is a triplet with his brothers Ryder and Reeve and the three of them form a band called Inside Noise.

Lucy and Rafe’s timing was always off, with boyfriends and girlfriends getting in the way but after a traumatic night at their high school bonfire with a cheating boyfriend and a life changing event Lucy and Rafe connect on a deeper level.

But things happen in life that make you realise that you need to escape and have time away to heal. Lucy needs to find herself again which she’s does on her travels. After traveling the world and arriving back in LA, Lucy re-connects with Rafe but will their friendship blossom into something more or will Lucy still hold him at arms length?

Doesn’t really sound like Rock Fiction, does it? I guess it’ll come down to how much of this is Rafe’s story. Should be most of the book, right? It’s named after him.

But try Ryder, the second book in the series:

Inside Noise is going strong and for Ryder Phoenix the strong feeling to settle down is growing in him too. He has been there and done most groupie sluts but he wants more, he wants what his brother has. With his stubborn ways Ryder doesn’t go looking for love, he wants it to fall into his lap which it almost does in the form of Letty Shaw.

Letty has her own personal issues that have forced her to grow up quicker than most girls her age, but she does it all in the name of love. After meeting hot rock star Ryder Phoenix, she decides to move forward with her love life, and take the all important leap with her heart but she guards her heart as it’s not only her own heart that she needs to look out for.

Will Ryder be the man she is willing to let her guard down for, will she let Ryder’s heart beat with hers?

Sigh. Yep. The guy’s tired of groupie sluts. Always gotta be the groupies with Rock Fiction… whatever happened to the cool chicks? Why aren’t they present in Rock Fiction these days (Hey, Susan, get on that, will ya already?)?

Anyway, so it sounds like Letty is a teen or a young mom. Now there is an interesting twist I’d want to read more about.

Heck, this series has me curious. (Susan says there are enough typos and clunkers in these descriptions to make her hope Amy Davies just forgot to run her cover copy by her editor, and that the inside stuff will be better. Typical Susan.)

I see some fresh ideas in here. I’m curious. Bring it on.

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