Rock Fiction Coveting: Surrendering by Ahren Sanders

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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I gotta start this one by saying there’s something really cool about the name Ahren. I told Susan she has to name a character that.

But that’s not what makes Rock Fiction any good. Nope. Not the name on the cover, but the ideas, the execution, and the rock and roll. Does Ahren Sanders have what it takes? Let’s see.

Ravenel Hayes is a perfect daughter, a loving sister, a loyal friend, and an excellent student. Returning home to complete her MBA and be closer to her family, she has her future all mapped out. That is until her path leads her straight into Declan Collins. The dark haired, tattooed singer with a sinful body is a distraction, one that’s way out of her league. He wasn’t part of her plan. But now that he’s literally knocking on her door, how can she avoid him?

Declan Collins lives life to the edge. His only emotional attachments are to his family and his band. He’s your typical bad-boy, lead singer who lives with no regrets. “Hook-up and head-out” is his motto. His ultimate goal is to take his band all the way to the top, or so it was. When he runs into Raven, she stirs up emotions in him that he had never thought possible. From their very first meeting, there’s no denying the chemistry between them. He’s not a relationship guy, but can she change his playboy ways?

Jealousy, anger, stalkers, and fame and fortune threaten to tear these two apart. Will surrendering to their love get them through the challenges that await them? Or will it tear them apart?

*Due to graphic language and explicit sexual situations, this book is recommended for readers 18+.

So Declan is your typical rocker dude. Except, he’s a male slut who hasn’t made it to the top yet. That’s new! I like! Declan’s not waiting until the time is right. He’s off making his own world. I can respect that.

Ravenel, though… she’s kinda typical, don’t you think? Totally perfect, always behaving. Girls like that are boring. Why can’t the rockers ever fall for us normal girls?

The final question, of course, is how much Rock Fiction there is in this one. It sounds like a relationship book, and so does the second in the series. Only one way to find out…

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