Rock Fiction Coveting: The Love and Music in Texas series by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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I can’t tell if this is a Rock Fiction series or a series set in a small town … or both. The confusion comes from Book Two in the series, which is the least obvious Rock Fiction of the three currently in print:
Welcome back to Harmony’s Echo, Texas…..

Melody Roland is on the run from the one person she trusted completely. One who hid a dark past she could never have imagined. When a pregnant woman on the bus she’s fleeing on goes into labor, Melody rushes to her aide. Now she finds herself stranded in a tiny remote town just off the highway, with no way to her original destination.

She’s alone, on edge, and unsure who to trust. Her instincts scream to get far away and fast. But how and where?

Jameson Grant struggles through the roughest year of his life. Suffering from the loss of his father, one grief stricken night, he made a mistake. One which cost him the only woman he’s ever loved. Each lonely day he’s faced with the constant reminders of how quick things can change. Throwing himself into the one thing he has left, his music, helps dull the pain he fights to keep hidden. His last salvation begins to crumble as things spiral out of control and he has no choice but to face the ‘music’ of his past.

The last thing he needs or wants in his life is a woman with more trouble on her heels than the best of country music lyrics. But Melody sings a sirens call within him that can’t be ignored.

Jameson and Melody bond in ways stronger than either could have imagined, but one dangerous person from her past may threaten it all…

If she doesn’t flee before he can convince her to stay, and that some love songs last an eternity.

So… yeah, it sounds like it might be, but music is taking more of a backseat in this one. Which is fine… music can do that and still be Rock Fiction. Look at some books like Searching for Tina Turner or Last Night at Chateau Marmont.

The other two books are more about rock. Lead characters are in bands.

Of course, you don’t know how much of a role music plays in ANY of it until you read it, and now I gotta do that, especially before the fourth and fifth books come out.


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