Rock Fiction Coveting: Access All Areas by Alice Severin

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Sometimes, I can’t remember where I come across stuff. The more you surf, the more you find. I swear it. Take this one:

Lily Taylor’s life has been transformed twice – once by the music she loves, and then by the chance to make a career following her passion – writing about the business. But when she gets the biggest break of her career so far, an interview with the infamous Tristan Hunter, a rock star with a talent for trouble, Lily isn’t sure what to expect. Even though she’s always admired him, Tristan has a reputation for being difficult…and demanding.

Yet Tristan turns out to be just as electrifying in person as he is on stage, and the powerful connection between them is undeniable. Now the fiercely independent Lily finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of sexual desire that forces her to question everything she believes – and she’ll have to decide just how far she is willing to go for the answers…

Yeah, okay, we have that undeniable rock star chemistry, but Susan and I both swear it’s part of what makes Rock Fiction what it is (and so good). You just gotta have that charisma.

But this one intrigues me for a couple other reasons. It’s all about Lily. What does it mean her life was transformed by the music she loves? Is she like me, who knows she needs to be around it and walked away from a bunch of other dreams and considerations of jobs and careers to take a crummy-paying job that lets her travel and be around music — even if it’s not rock and roll — and meet rich people?

So I gotta find that out. Right away, I feel a connection to this girl.

And then she finds a way to be what looks like a music journalist, although “writing about the business” could mean she sits at a desk all day and is the one who compiles lists of the most played songs on the radio and what tour is raking in the biggest money. Could be boring as anything.

I like, too, that this isn’t the usual. It’s insta-lust, but it’s not love. It’s about Lily’s learning about herself, near as I can figure. That’s fresh. It’s different.

Bring it. There aren’t a lot of books, let alone Rock Fiction, that I gotta read because I’m on board from the get-go. This is one of ’em.

(Btw, a bit of GoodReads research shows this is the first in a trilogy about these two, and the plot intrigues the hell out of me. Fresh as anything. I’m in heaven. Or would be if I could read the damn things.)

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