Rock Fiction Coveting: The Trouble Series by Emme Rollins

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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During the deluge that turned into Rocktober — I have never seen so much Rock Fiction in my life — I came across author Emme Rollins. Looks like she’s my type of girl ’cause she writes primarily Rock Fiction. Why isn’t she hanging out with us here? Especially since it looks like the fourth book in her Trouble series is coming out at the end of this month?

The series, like I said, is called The Trouble Series. Why? Well, because Trouble is the name of the band. Interesting name choice, given that in real life, there IS a band named Trouble. They’re doom metal, and they’re one of the founding fathers of the genre. I suspect, given this warning, there’s nothing doom about this fictional Trouble.

Warning: This full 45,000 word novel the ultimate fantasy come true when a female fan meets a sexy rock star guitar god with enough pluck to make the g-string on your Stratocaster quiver for days. (Note: This title was originally published as “Happy Accident”)

Sounds fairly typical, no? Although I gotta tell you, Susan’s wearing off on me. I can pick out some typos in the rest of the book description.

But there are some fresh ideas in here. For one, the hot sexy guitarist is married, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, steer clear. Apparently, in the second book, his divorce happens, but still.

It’s the third book I’m kinda iffy about. He wants his girlfriend/fiancee to join the band? Really? That’s the sort of lovebirdy thing that garage bands do, not major bands. Yeah, yeah, Patti’s in Bruce’s band, but that’s different. Know why? Patti was already Bruce’s backup singer. He didn’t promote her to co-lead singer. Heck, I still think with her voice, she’s under-used.

Like always, gotta read it to see how it’s handled. Oh, and the upcoming fourth book is about Bree’s best friend, and her play for the guitarist in Trouble.

But I don’t know. There’s something starting to feel tired about the fan meets the band member of her dreams and it’s insta-lust and she’s the one for him trope. Rollins has another series out, so maybe that one’s fresher.

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