Rock Fiction Coveting: The Romeo Boys: A Rock ‘n Roll Odyssey by Peter Roper

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Susan sent me this one last summer, during one of the Smashwords sales and I’d meant to set up an account there, but it got away. Guess I shouldn’t have spent every minute last summer that I could at the pools, even though it was fun and totally relaxing and I needed it. (and I can hear Susan protesting and rolling her eyes and offering to let me spend a few days with her kids and THEN tell her I needed it.)

Anyway, to go by this one’s description, I let a good one get away ’cause it was free during the summer and now it’s back up to $4.99. Ready?

Hoping they’ll never be caught, Bobby Masters and his imposter band work cowboy bars and tiny college dances during the summer of 1964, pretending to be The Romeos, a popular group with a real hit record. But fate, along with a go-go dancing sorority girl, turns these young men and their notions of love and the future upside-down in this coming-of-age story.

I’m not sure what’s more fun here: the go-go dancing sorority girl or the imposter angle.

I need to read this one. Dammit. I had all those days at the pool when I could have.

Get your own copy. Use the link and Susan’ll get a few pennies that she might actually pay me some of. Maybe. I have sunscreen to buy.

  1. Peter Roper says:

    Happy to send a review copy. The book is only available in e-versions. Let me know your preferred format and how to forward it to you, and a copy will be on the way.

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