#Rocktober Rock Fiction Coveting: Satan’s Whiskers by Roy A Higgins

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Rocktober3avatar S RED

This is one for you horror fans. Sorta reminds me of a bunch of other books that’ve been set in the club scene, and/or had a horror bend to ’em. Dave Butler’s Hellhound on my Trail. Voice, definitely. Even some Ladies and Gentlemen… the Redeemers or The Road to Fluffer. And of course, if you’re into horror with your Rock Fiction, you know how I feel about The Armageddon Chord.

So this should be a slam-dunk, right? Check out the description:

During the reign of the Beatles and on the back of the Mersey beat revolution, other rock and pop bands emerged. Some of these bands were successful in gaining worldwide recognition, while others were not quite so lucky.

Ray Evans joins one of these emerging bands and the story plots the rise and fall of the band Satan’s Whiskers.

The band turn out to be quite a successful locally, although a dark shadow hangs over their movements after a child is discovered, murdered and hidden inside a cardboard box .A vigilante killer tracks down the culprits and extracts his form of retribution. This is the start of a killing spree which lasts in excess of a year.

From the very outset the police suspect that one, if not all, of the band members are involved, as the killings appear to follow the movements of the band. Is the killer really a band member? The story will keep you guessing until the very end.

Now, here’s my reservation: the back cover copy isn’t very good. It smacks of amateur self-pubbed book (sorry, Roy). And it leaves me hoping the inside is better, but truth be told, I have a bad feeling I’d set this one down and bang my head on my desk for awhile because if Roy and I had hooked up as editor and author, it’d be a better book.

Still, I’m open to finding out, of course. Rock Fiction is what we do over here, and I’m always up for some horror fun.

Oh, and I love the time period this is set in. Slick move, going back in time a bit.

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