#Rocktober Rock Fiction Coveting: Death and Other Dances by Carla Harvey

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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Have I got a doozy for you today… or not. This one can go either way, and here’s why. It’s not written by a writer, per se. Carla Harvey’s name is probably more popularly linked with The Butcher Babies and if you don’t know who THEY are, well, you’re missing out on some rockin’ music. (And, if you’re a guy, some hot chicks.) Or maybe you know Carla from her days as an adult entertainer and frankly, I’m not sure what that means exactly. Dancer? Movie star? Both? I’ll let you be the sucker who Googles her.

Now, Carla’s inexperience in the publishing world is pretty clear. Look at how she opens the page on her website about the book:

It has been a dream of mine to release this novel for a very long time. It’s finally here!

This book is not for everyone. It is a raw, graphic work of creative non fiction. Decide for yourself what is real, and what is not 😉

So first she says it’s fiction. Then she says it’s non-fiction. And then she says to decide for yourself.

Color Jett here confused. I mean, hello? I’m the reader. It’s not my job to decide. That’s your job, as the author, to know what sort of book you’ve written. And it’s the publisher’s job to know things like genre and category and which shelf on a bookstore it belongs on.

But anyway, here’s what it’s about:

Autumn Franklin is an awkward, biracial girl growing up in a suburb of Detroit. Already disconnected from her peers at an early age because of her background, she becomes even more withdrawn when her young parents divorce. Ever changing but stubbornly tenacious, she survives the cards she’s been dealt by playing them against the odds. Hurt her and she will not hesitate to “kill you off,” making it easier to walk away.

Transplanting herself from her factory-driven hometown to the alluring City of Angels, she has but one goal: to find herself. Struggling to make solid connections with those around her, Autumn swallows her reservations and pushes limits to the extreme as she transitions between two drastic career changes: from the bowels of the adult entertainment industry to her rebirth as a mortician. There amongst the dead, she learns what it is to live, love, and to allow others inside, finally landing in the most comfortable place of all: her own skin.

So… is it Rock Fiction or not? I’d bet there’s some rock and roll happening in there. And, of course, we have to wonder if this is Rock FICTION at all, or if it’s totally her story, with a different name plastered on the main character, sorta like Pamela Anderson’s Star. What’s the word for that? Roman a clef? Yeah. That.

Only one way to find out…

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