Review: It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Murder by Rosemary Martin

Posted: October 5, 2014 in Reviews
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Sometimes, books enter my home and wind up on the giant piles around here. This is never good, because it takes me literally years to get around to reading them. Rosemary Martin’s It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Murder is one of those books. Even worse, it is a Rock Fiction mystery that wound up languishing.

I realized it as soon as I picked the book up and looked at the back cover. Lead character Bebe Bennett works for Rip City Records (which is sometimes written as Rip-City and sometimes not). Aargh. I might have read this sooner if I’d known.

But maybe it’s okay if I don’t read everything immediately, and maybe it’s okay that this is one that got shoved off to the side.

In short: I didn’t finish it. I couldn’t stand it and skipped quickly to the end to see whodunit, then decided I was glad I hadn’t suffered.

The idea is fun. Set in the Sixties, right during Beatlemania, Bebe is a very mod girl. But something about the book comes off as prudish, overly concerned with being proper – but then, quite without reason, Bebe throws caution to the wind and acts contrary to what seem to be her values, meeting band member Keith in the bar instead of the coffee shop, for instance. Where’s the introspection a good girl ought to show when her New York music biz life clashes with the conservative way she was raised?

Add in too much dialogue that exists only to inform the reader of something, and I’d had enough.

But before I Did Not Finish this one, let me mention the Rock Fiction aspect. Bebe and her boss Bra—Mr. Williams (really, if she’s so worried about slipping and calling him by his first name, why doesn’t she make herself stop thinking about him via first name?) work for a record label. Rock Fiction, right?

Well, this falls into that same category as other books, where the charisma of the rock industry fades to the point where the magic of rock and roll vanishes. These people could work in any business—and in the second book in the series, they do.

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