#RockFiction #Rocktober Cover Reveal: Broken by Susan Helene Gottfried

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting, Rocktober
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I told Susan she could talk about her new story over at West of Mars, since that’s her joint, but this place? It’s starting to be mine, all mine, and she’s my secretary and mail screener. She didn’t like that much. Seems she’s got more important things to do with her life.

Anyway, I said this is a cover reveal, and what better way to kick off Rocktober than with a cover reveal from our very own queen of Rock Fiction, Susan?

Here’s the cover. Drumroll, please?


Is that HAWT, or what? Wait until you read it. Hard to believe this one took Susan years to get right, and it’s probably her best yet. Be warned: it’s gritty and kinda ugly in spots. Sex, drugs, rock and roll, baby. Certain LDS clients of Susan’s shouldn’t get near this one.

Ready for what it’s about?

For T and the rest of Ice Cubes in Hell, it’s a routine night backstage after their set, opening for the notorious Vanessa Kontempt. The party’s in full swing when T walks in, but she’s not in the mood. Not tonight. When she finds groupies raiding her stage clothes and one breaks the heel off one of her favorite boots, things spiral downward. As T confronts the band’s tour manager about the destruction, secrets are revealed. Secrets that might tear the band apart … or bring them closer.

This isn’t out yet — word on that soon — so yeah. Total COVET!!!

Plan to pre-order once the info’s out and pick up your copy. It’ll be the best 99c you spend in a long time!

  1. Mary Sutton says:

    Great story, great cover.

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