Review: Sweet Possession by Maya Banks

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Reviews
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This review was originally posted at West of Mars. It is being posted here, at its new permanent home.

I sat down with Maya Banks’ Sweet Possession hoping for a hot, steamy Rock Fiction romance. I’d been hearing talk of Ms. Banks’ books for years and was excited to check out her work for myself.

Sad to say, I was disappointed. I’ve seen the plot before: single man hired to be diva pop star’s bodyguard. Sparks fly.

Wasn’t there a movie about this?

From the Rock Fiction angle, Lyric could have been anyone. She could have been a model or a socialite, or the daughter of a public figure. The pages don’t resonate with music. Very little about Lyric does.

From the romance angle, the story seemed familiar. There’s the secret that is the reason Lyric is a diva. The single guy who protests he’s not going to fall for the woman, only to crawl into her bed a page later. She’s resistant. He’s supportive and has all the answers.

Frankly, I’d have been yawning, except it drove me crazy how every single character used the phrase, “Have a kitten.” Food was yummy. People felt snuggly.


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