Jett-300x300 Books like this one make me understand why Rock Fiction is such a strong category of books.

Here. Take a look:

Jennifer Chance unleashes her hot new series with the tale of a smoldering rocker and the fangirl who catches his eye—and finds herself living out her wildest dreams.

We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? I mean, it’s usually one or the other — fangirl finds her fantasies come true, or else the girl has no idea who the guy is and has to be won over. (See some of Susan’s favorites: What the Librarian Did, or the other one that starts with the rocker coming into the flower shop and the woman there having no idea who he is.)

This one falls into that “How professional are you, lady?” category ’cause she works for the band’s booking agency. Like she was able to hide her fan girl issue during the interview? I don’t buy it. I’ve seen too many groupies reveal their true colors as soon as they even think they’ll be getting near someone who is near someone who works for the band.

Susan’s right when she says you’ve got to actually read the book before you judge it, but that’s a pretty big mountain you gotta climb, just to buy what’s happening in the story. Still, I’ve seen authors pull this off, so there’s hope. There’s always hope.

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