Review: All That Glitters by Ruth Ryan Langan

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Reviews
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Originally posted at West of Mars, this review is being posted to its new home here at The Rock of Pages.

I love used book sales. I’m such a fan of them, though, that I’ve had to institute a few rules.

1. I’m only allowed to buy it if I know for certain it’s on my wishlist. “For certain” is key; there are over 2300 books on my wishlist. Yes, I’ve bought the same book more than once… more than once.

2. I’m only allowed to buy it if it was written by a friend of mine. I’ve been known to pick up books from friends for the mere purpose of passing them on to new homes, in fact. So it’s always worth making friends with me.

3. I’m only allowed to buy it if it has Rock Novel elements.

That last rule is the one that led me to pick up Ruth Ryan Langan’s All that Glitters. In today’s world, a publication date of 1994 makes this book ancient, but whatever. It probably cost me a dime — I picked it up at a bag sale. According to the back of the book, the main heroine has two loves — her brother and her singing career.

Slam dunk, right?

Not so much.

One of the mistakes many Rock Novel writers make is falling into clichés. The cute but stupid drummer. The egotistical lead singer.

In All that Glitters, we had all sorts of other clichés — the kind you’d find in a Danielle Steel novel. Those big romance tropes, the ones that have so very wrongly defined the genre for so many people.

I never got to the parts where the music mattered. The clichés bothered me too much.

On to the next.

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