Review: Swan Song by Victoria Routledge

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Reviews
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This review was originally posted at West of Mars. It is being posted here, at its new permanent home.

The premise sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Rosetta Mulligan, seventies rock-chick, fashion icon and friend to the stars has never fully embraced her role as mother to her four sons…. Rosetta now feels the time is right to parcel up her past and move on — but not until she has written her revelations of life on the road.

That’s the back cover copy on Victoria Routledge’s Swan Song.

I didn’t warm up to this one and quit after 54 pages. Or maybe it was during page 54; I’m not sure which.

There are some who’ll say you should give a book 25 pages before you decide to chuck it. Some say 50. Others say 10% — which in this case is 51 pages.

Either way, I failed to be sucked in by Rosetta, who is nasty and calculating, and her boys, who are bland and hard to tell apart.

That’s another problem with the first 54 pages. Telling. Ugh. Even the scenes — the action, the people who are moving and doing, not merely thinking — are told, not shown. This book lacked life — or did in the first 54 pages.

I’m disappointed — and I’d love to hear from someone who had a totally different take on this. What am I missing?

Stupid FTC garbage: I got this book through BookCrossing ’cause it sounded good. Nothing was expected of me in return, although I did write a journal entry. This here review, such as it is, is entirely self-motivated. And disappointing; I really want to like every book I read.

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