Review: Rockin’ Across the Galaxy by David Allen Kimmel

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Reviews
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This review was originally posted at West of Mars. It is being posted here, at its new permanent home.


But where’s the rock and roll? The title of David Kimmel’s book—heck, the first word—is Rockin’. It promises rock and roll. There’s a guitar on the front cover. The description hints at an electric guitar.
So where is it?

According to the expert’s definition of Rock Fiction, a book has to pulse with music to be Rock Fiction. The characters have to live and breathe it, we have to feel it. It doesn’t have to be a stage show or a performance. It doesn’t have to have a rock and roll attitude. Music just has to permeate the pages.

While Gsfex does set across the universe to find planet Irt and discover what he can about the music he’s come to love, he doesn’t do it until there’s been a darn good reason. And he does it more because he knows this is his only chance. He doesn’t carpe anything here. He’s too matter-of-fact.

And Henry. He’s an artist, for crying out loud. And while others have stuck artists and rockers together and pulled off Rock Fiction, there’s not enough passion in Henry’s life. Not for this to be Rock Fiction, anyway. Oh, I get it: the guy’s depressed. He’s got a damn good reason to be, but c’mon, dude. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps and crank whatever you need to until you feel better. Vivaldi. Metallica. Ice Cube. (Just, God no, not Vanilla Ice)

Stepping away from the whole idea of Rock Fiction, this is a fun novella. Henry’s parts get a bit boring ’cause there’s mostly no one there for him to talk to, but we know his life. It’s Gsfex’s we’re more interested in.

There’d better be another book after this short little novella—I even had to check to make sure it hadn’t ended at the wrong spot—that not only fills us in on what happens next, but rocks and rolls, too.

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