Rock Fiction Coveting: Special Angel by Nancy Loyan

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Rock Fiction Coveting
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We’ve got another “reporter assigned to uncover the star’s mystery” trope books!

It’s a perfect trope for Rock Fiction, if you think about it. Rockers are often creations; they’re not the sort to wear their hearts on their sleeves. If you look at my own fiction, Mitchell and the band are very open about the persona’s Mitchell created in order to build space around himself. In a world lived under a microscope, you can’t blame a single public figure for trying to remain a mystery to the press.

Author Nancy Loyan seems to be putting her own stamp on this style of Rock Fiction, and man, it’s a cool twist she’s cooked up. Singer Angelique doesn’t even know her past; it’s been kept secret from her by the nuns who found her and by the scheming couple who adopted her. From the three reviews I read, it sounds as if this couple puts Les Mis’ Thernardiers to shame.

The question at the heart of this book then becomes if Angelique can trust Richard, the reporter. Not just to handle her story the right way but, so the reviews say, to keep her alive.

Oh, I hope that last part is as cleverly handled as the rest of the plot. A reporter with good connections could be so much more than an ordinary guy pressed into action hero status.

I’m SO pulling for this one to live up to its potential ’cause its potential is pretty darn huge.

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