The Loss of one of the Greats in the Rock Fiction World

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Note to Readers
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Taking the art of Rock Fiction to a new level was (is?) rock band Gwar, one of my sentimental favorites for … wow. Twenty years now?

I own a white GWAR t-shirt, although I’m not certain where it is. Yes, you read that right: WHITE GWAR t-shirt. It was given to me by the band … after one of their shows. What a cool lot they were.

Word came down this morning that Dave Brockie, the genius behind GWAR and the force that was Oderus Urungus, was found dead in his home over the weekend.

In the past few years, I’ve followed Oderus on Twitter, howled with glee at the band’s video adventures (The Trick or Treating fun was a particular favorite), and shook my head in genuine awe at Oderus’ cleverness. Dave Brockie found ways to make the world conform to him… he never had a chance of fitting into our world otherwise. The man was absolutely brilliant. And smart! Oh, so freaking smart. To be able to maintain his persona, to be that consistently creative, all the time…

It’s a true loss we’ve suffered, although concert promoters and hall owners around the world might be breathing a sigh of relief. After all, Oderus’s cuttlefish packed a mighty punch.

I don’t say this often, but this is one band that I hope hangs it up. GWAR relied on Dave’s brilliance and inspiration. Seeing them be a diminished band… that’s a sort of torture that’s even worse than the idea of losing Oderus.

Travel well back to your world, Oderus. Your stay on Earth gave us all so much more than we’ll ever know.

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